Princeton, NJ

We are seeking volunteers to serve on a six- to eight-month task force to explore the impact of the legalization of cannabis in NJ. Specifically, the task force will serve in an advisory capacity to provide input to Mayor and Council on three major areas of concern:

  1. If allowed by the state, should Princeton enable a cannabis dispensary to open in town and, if so, should tax revenue from the dispensary be dedicated to a specific use.
  2. How will educational efforts about cannabis change for (a) under 21 year olds (b) adults and (c) seniors; and (3) how can Princeton best affirm its commitment to social and restorative justice in terms of cannabis policing and enforcement.

The task force will be a working group and a substantial time commitment (10-15 hours/month) from each member is anticipated. Email inquiries and general questions to Councilwoman Eve Niedergang , Councilwoman Leticia Fraga , or Councilwoman Michelle Pirone Lambros .

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