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MycoLabs is an online shop selling micro and macro doses of psychedelic mushrooms that could help improve ones quality of life or help in treating anxiety or depression, especially in terminally ill patients. Therapeutic mushrooms or psilocybin has shown to reduce signs of treatment-resistant depression, as well as addiction to smoking and alcohol. I was informed about Mycolabs through a friend and now I am deciding to do a review for everyone to read.

Ordering & Shipping With MycoLabs

Ordering and shipping through Mycolabs is a fast and easy process and if you need any help there is a live chat support option always online during regular business hours. Support is just a message away. Rather you need dosage questions answered or even a recommendation the Mycolabs support team are there to help. Ordering was an easy process and shipping was fast taking about 3 days to arrive and I was able to track the package with the tracking number they provided. When the package arrived it was packaged discreetly and everything I ordered was there.

Trying the Macro Dose Mushrooms from MycroLabs
mycolabs macro dose mycolabs

This was not my first time trying mushrooms but it was my first time trying them from a website that I ordered from and not some random dealer. This was also the first time I knew they type or strain of mushroom I was going to be eating and to have everything laid out in dosages. I like the fact that you know what your getting and you can do the research on the strains before ordering so you have a idea on what to expect and how long the effects will last for. Without taking to much at once I can say the mushrooms I got from mycolabs were some of the strongest I’ve ever had and allowed to me relax & unwind just as I needed. The effects lasted between 4 and 5 hours and after wakening up the next day I felt energetic and brand new.

Buy Micro Or Macro Dose Mushrooms Today From MycoLabs
MycoLabs Micro Dose

If your interested in trying some therapeutic mushrooms from MycoLabs to see how they might help click the image above to be take to the site or simply click or type in

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