Is CBD An Effective Remedy For Cerebral Palsy?

A lifelong neurological condition, cerebral palsy is a disease of abnormal posture and mobility, that affects the life quality of a patient and can also be a complex condition for a caretaker to handle. It affects the brain of a child at birth or in the early years of their life, and can be extremely debilitating in severe cases. cerebral palsy patients suffer from birth trauma, and though their cerebral function is completely normal, they are affected by debilitation in varying degrees based on the damage to their spinal nerves during birth.

CBD use is growing on account of its mental and physical health benefits. Researchers have explored the capacity of CBD in treating childhood seizure ailments, managing cerebral palsy symptoms, improving motor functions, treating neurogenesis, and regeneration of brain cells which can prove useful in treating cerebral palsy. Along with physical therapy and speech and language therapy, children with cerebral palsy can benefit from CBD as it can help manage symptoms from the disease and improve overall wellness.

CBD Offers A Variety Of Benefits To Those With Cerebral Palsy

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With ongoing studies being conducted to find out the effectiveness of CBD, many people have recognized its wide spectrum of benefits. It can be useful for people living with cerebral palsy in the following ways:

Better Muscle Mobility And Relaxation

In cerebral palsy (CP), the extent of brain damage influences their overall movement. Each type of cerebral palsy is classified according to the kind of movement issues and the portion of the body affected. In Hypotonia, muscle strength and firmness is deficient, whereas in Hypertonia which means high muscle tone, rigid and irregular movement results. In the Spastic variant of cerebral palsy due to damage within the motor cortex inside the brain, there arises stiffness in one portion of the body, permanently stiff muscles or joints, while in the Atheloid type of CP, there is uncontrolled movement and difficulty in walking or sitting.

CBD can help in slowing down the flow of chemical messengers generated by the central nervous system that causes muscle contraction, and enhance the supply of endocannabinoids in the body which results in a two-layer effect: muscle relaxation and lowering spasticity. Increased mobility is in part linked with decreased spasticity, and at times due to fast muscle relaxation.

CBD Can Treat Chronic Stress

Chronic Stress

Muscle rigidity, spasticity, and tension can also develop from chronic stress or brain injury. Generally, physical pain, affected speech, and communication problems are issues faced by cerebral palsy sufferers and those afflicted with its most acute form, spastic quadriplegia, which impacts all of the face, the trunk and the extremities. All this can lead to depression and chronic stress in CP patients.
CBD, being an anxiolytic has shown great promise in lowering high levels of anxiety, insomnia, and depression in adults, including those suffering from CP. Moreover, studies have revealed that CBD can improve mental wellness due to its antidepressant properties, sleep-promoting, and anxiolytic capabilities. This helps to improve their quality of life in general by alleviating these symptoms in cerebral palsy patients.
Many children with cerebral palsy experience “performance anxiety” while learning to finish their daily work. CBD can help them to function better by reducing their anxiety and improving their general well-being.
It has been observed in a 2015 study in Neurotherapeutics: “Overall, current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, with the need for further study of chronic and therapeutic effects in relevant clinical populations.”

Acts Like A Pain-Reliever

CBD can offer some pain relief for people suffering from cerebral palsy. Due to locked muscles, CP patients often face severe pain. A 2016 study by Barth Wilsey published in the Journal of Pain, discovered that CBD users having a spinal cord injury experience less pain after taking CBD and applying CBD oil.

At high concentrations, CBD is said to directly activate the 5-HT1A (hydroxytryptamine) serotonin receptor, thereby imparting an anxiolytic effect. This inhibitory G-protein-coupled receptor is involved in a variety of neurological and biological processes, including pain perception, anxiety, appetite, nausea, and sleep.

Cannabinoids like CBD also directly interact with different ion channels to provide a therapeutic effect. For instance, CBD attaches to TRPV1 receptors, also referred to as a “vanilloid receptor” which also work as ion channels and are known to resolve pain perception, body temperature, and inflammation.

CBD Can Treat Spasticity

CBD oil can help with spasticity as it activates the endocannabinoid system which modulates our immune system, pain sensitivity, inflammation, muscle contraction, and relaxation among other processes. By using CBD, symptoms like chronic joints and muscle pain, spasticity, and seizures can be reduced.

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A direct study was conducted on the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on cerebral palsy symptoms by the Wolfson Medical Center, which conducted a clinical trial employing CBD and THC (in ratios 20:1 and 6:1) on children affected by cerebral palsy. The study, headed by Dr. Luba Blumkin, a child neurologist, discovered that CBD therapy substantially reduced spasticity, dystonia, sleep disturbances, and chronic pain among CP patients. The result of the clinical trial was endorsed by other studies related to the efficacy of CBD in treating motor disability.

Another 2018 study published in Neurological Disorders observed that CBD lowered spasticity in human subjects. The authors ascribed this theory to the neuroprotective, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.
Cerebral palsy and the disabling central nervous system disease multiple sclerosis have frequently been studied together, as there is a similarity in the muscle spasms and stiffness symptoms shown by the conditions. Investigators believe that both these medical conditions can lead to a dysfunction in the upper neuron motor.

Is An Effective Remedy For Cerebral Palsy?

It is proven that CBD exercises a plethora of helpful pharmacological effects. It is neuroprotective, antioxidative, muscle relaxant, antipsychotic, GABA booster, and antiemetic. Plant cannabinoids like CBD have been found to exert positive health effects by lowering inflammation, and fatigue that is related to multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. By reducing spasticity, fatigue, and pain, CBD helps to improve mobility in cerebral patients. Moreover, its anti-epileptic effects are found to reduce seizures, and CBD treatments have been effective in mitigating cerebral palsy symptoms like dystonia, sleep disturbances, pain and spasms.

If you are suffering from cerebral palsy and have not found any success with conventional treatments, we highly recommend using the ThoughtCloud Daily CBD (Strong) – Signature Series. It is a low dosage full-spectrum CBD that is highly suited for low weight and low height people while being strongly effective. We hope this article has been helpful to you. Take care and thank you for reading!

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