Marijuana Dispensary Near Me Springfield, MO

Looking for a dispensary near you in Springfield, MO? You’re in luck! Springfield is quickly becoming a hub of cannabis business activity and excitement for local patients that have waited over 2 years for this day.

Springfield Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Christian County

As reported by Gregory J. Holman of the Springfield News-Leader, “cannabis is coming to Springfield suburbs.” Potentially as early as Thursday morning – best of all, it has a drive through window

Dispensary Opens in Springfield, MO, Christian County

Marijuana Joint Ventures (MOJO) Opens Thursday in Christian County, MO

“Like the two dispensaries currently operating in Springfield, the Sullingers’ outfit is a small, closely-held operation. Unlike Old Route 66 Wellness and OzaRX Botanicals, Missouri Joint Ventures is owned and operated by two pharmacists who have been licensed in the profession since the early 1980s — “longer than I’d care to talk about,” Dana Sullinger quipped — according to the Missouri Board of Pharmacy.”

Source Springfield News-Leader

How Many Dispensaries Are Open Now in Missouri?

As of January 12th, 2021 according to the DHSS, 43 companies have been approved to operate, roughly 62 others are working on their “commencement” inspections, and roughly 105 marijuana licensees should be open or opening soon.

Find Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me Springfield, MO

Before you can stop and shop at a medical marijuana dispensary in Missouri, you’ll need to speak with a licensed medical doctor and get your MMJ recommendations.

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It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s the law. Check out our dispensary video series and get the inside scoop for all things cannabis in Mighty MO.

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