Duplicated: Best CBD Vape Pens – [#1801]

Social CBD prides itself on manufacturing the most aromatherapeutic vapes. The vapes come in three different formulas, which the company has labeled Relax, Focus, and Revive. The hemp extract used in the manufacture of the vapes is fortified with cold-pressed essential oils from grapefruit. This causes the vape to be refreshing in scent, and in effect, it has in the body. This is the formula they refer to as Revive.

The Relax option is fortified with high-quality lavender oil, which is ideal for use after a long day at work to facilitate rest or enhance the quality of a user’s sleep. The Focus flavor is made from CBD that is infused with peppermint. The effects of this hemp-peppermint combo improve the user’s cognitive abilities.

The company’s vape pens enhance the efficacy of these products and their ease of use. These pens use a ceramic core technology which ensures the taste of vape remains unchanged, thus maintaining the products aromatherapy qualities. The vape pens come in two different concentrations: 125 mg and 250 mg.

This is a substantial amount of cannabinoids. The pen is calibrated in such a way that a single three-second puff delivers 1 or 2 mg of CBD. The amount per draw depends on the potency of the vape being used in the pen in question. It means, therefore, that a vaper may be able to determine, to a considerable level of accuracy, the amount of vape they take in with every vaping session. Please note that these pens are disposable, and they have a slim and sleek design, which makes them suitable for vaping on the go.

These vape oils are made from full-spectrum hemp extract, which assures the user of the entourage effect. The vape oil used in these pens has MCT oil as a carrier. MCT has a lot of fat molecules, and this makes the CBD and other cannabinoids in the vape to be more available to the body since CBD is fat-soluble. As a result of this formulation, the Social Vape pens ensure a bioavailability over and above the high absorption provided by ordinary vaping.

*Please note that the carrier oil, MCT oil, is banned as a vape additive in the state of Colorado.

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