How To Get Perfect Vaping Hit With E Liquids

In the world of modernity and technological advancements, vape users have come across several changes when it comes to the device and its attributes. However, experienced ones are still in the space of exploring more on vaping and throat hits. If you are new to vaping, you might not be familiar with the term- throat hits. Firstly, to experience an ideal sensation, you have to get accustomed to what causes the hit and how you can enhance it through specific ways. As a result, we’ve laid down pocket-picked pointers to shed light on ways through which you can experience a perfect throat hit while vaping.

What is Throat Hit?

Even though experienced users tend to experience a superior hit, many fail to add to it. A hit is a feeling that the inhaled vapor from the device provides you when it hits on the throat’s back. Such hits are not frequent. As a user, who’s preparing the device for the utmost experience, there are specific factors involved that determine its intensity. Various devices, mods, e-liquids, and setups brought forward by an array of companies and manufacturers in a plethora of strengths and flavors can make a significant difference. Questions about ‘vaper’s tongue’, ‘pod accessories’, and what is RTA tank?’ are prevalent among people new to the vaping scene. We aim to answer one of these questions, about throat hit, in this post.

Furthermore, if you are new to the vaping world, know that you need to be familiar with the types of hits – strong and weak.

Strong Throat Hit

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Such a hit is experienced when the vapor hits the back of your throat while inhaling from the device. In many ways, it is similar to sensations that users experience while inhaling from other nicotine delivery systems. If you’ve never experienced a throat hit, a strong one is enough to make you uneasy, leading to excessive coughs.

Weak Throat Hit

A weaker hit is the complete opposite of a substantial hit. Instead of hitting the back of your throat in a meaningful and robust fashion, the inhaled vapor swiftly goes down the throat. Since vaping is about experiencing a big hit, you would not want to resort to weaker ones. If you have been sensing such hits for long, there are ample things you’re doing wrong.

Ways To Get A Perfect Throat Hit

As a vape user, if you want to feel the sensation of a superior hit, understanding the variable adjustment is all you need to know for an ideal vaping experience.

  1. Adjust The Nicotine Strength

Adjusting your nicotine strength is one of the first things you need to take control of. For a more significant hit, all you have to do is increase the amount of nicotine in your vape juices. However, there are other issues you need to consider before expanding the nicotine levels. If you are utilizing vaping to slow down on nicotine intake, the recommended nicotine intake needs to be cut short. Some users might not be comfortable experiencing robust ones in the beginning. So, go for low-strength e-liquids or e-juices that do not have the presence of nicotine.

  1. Check PG/VG Ratio

There are around four elements that complete e-liquids – flavoring, nicotine, PG (propylene glycol), and VG (vegetable glycerin). Different e-juices come with different PG and VG levels. Furthermore, acquiring the correct ratio is one such method of experiencing a strong throat hit.

  1. Adjust The Power Setting

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In case you are using bog-standard nicotine delivery systems, this factor may not make a difference. If you are using a device with an adjustable power setting, controlling the hit becomes convenient. In simple terms, the higher the power, the more significant the throat hit you experience.

  1. Experiment With Various Flavors

Different flavors can affect your throat hit in various ways. When it comes to such hits’ intensity, you can go for menthol flavor for more substantial hits and chocolate and coffee for sweeter hits. Moreover, know that the flavor alone won’t create a monumental difference. You have to keep other factors in mind as well before moving onto the flavor.

  1. Adjust Your Airflow Settings

Even though it does not create a considerable amount of difference, it still contributes fairly to the experience. Not all vape devices have adjustable airflow settings, so if you have one, open it up to experience a stronger throat hit. However, if you are into sweeter and weaker ones, tighten the airflow setting. Since it does not make a wholesome difference, it might very well act as a vital tactic to fine-tune your experience of acquiring an ideal throat hit.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing throat hits with e-liquid majorly depends on person to person. Even though all the five mentioned factors determining the intensity of the throat hit make a significant difference, it depends on how you want to mix things. So, fine-tune every way according to your preferences and find that ideal hit.

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