How I imagine the future of legal Cannabis

I yearn for the day Cannabis is accepted like alcohol, or should I say much better than alcohol. I currently am abstaining but I dream of the day it’s legal. I envision all the different ways it’s infused into every day life. More stores selling bud and its different forms. I envision restaurants that allow smoking, and that infuse it in their meals. I think of someone going outside to smoke at a party and no one cares, just like no one cares if you have a glass of wine. I think of the commercials that might air on tv and it be something so normal. I imagine how respectful, clean, mature and modern all the dispensarys are. Being able to stop by the dispensary and if your kids are with you they can go in, and be taught from a young age, if used by adults and responsibly, it does not make you a bad person or a loser. I imagine more cannabis users existing than alcohol users. Instead of everyone buzzed at a family gathering, they are high.

When I think of the future of legal Cannabis I try to eliminate all negative stereotypes and lies that we have been conditioned to think of. Even as an enthusiast I can’t help but sometimes think of those negative thoughts. Being an ex alcohol abuser I can’t help but to realize how much healthier cannabis is, especially when comparing an abuser of booze compared to an abuser of weed. I can get a great workout in at the gym, go for a great hike, or just have a hard day at my physical job, and relax my mind and body without possibly ruining my efforts by consuming calorie, carb, and sugar ridden alcohol. Instead I can smoke, vape, or eat a healthy edible, as long as I fight the munchies lol. I just envision a world where cannabis is so normalized, that people don’t lose families, careers, or reputations over it.

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