Is CBD Oil Different From Hemp Oil

The question of
whether or not CBD oil is different from hemp oil is one that many people are
now asking, owing to the growing media hype surrounding CBD oil and the
possible benefits that CBD oil has overall.

The fact is that CBD
oil differs immensely from hemp oil because of the element CBD or Cannabidiol.
This is where the term CBD hemp oil is really more accurate when it comes to
describing the CBD that most media are promoting for the ‘miraculous’ results. can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil | Hemp vs CBD (
CBD For Anxiety

So how do you separate or distinguish CBD oil from hemp oil?

  • Hemp
    oil actually refers to hemp
    seed oil. As the name implies it is extracted purely from the crushed seeds of
    the industrial hemp plant. This has zero cannabinoids and is beneficial owing
    to the presence of Omega acids 3 and 6, along with a few other elements inerrant
    with hemp seed.
  • CBD oil is also extracted from the industrial hemp
    plant, but from the stalk, leaves, and flower buds – this is where the CBD
    element resides. CBD oil not only contains the important element cannabidiol
    but up to 100 other elements including trace elements of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
    would be included in ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD Oil.
  • Hemp seed
    oil is typically used as a salad dressing or on foods in general as a flavour
    enhancer with some general health benefits.
  • CBD Oil is
    generally sought after owing to the claims being made regarding the healing
    qualities of CBD – even though it can only legally be sold as a ‘food
    supplement’ and has to have less that 0.03% THC element to be sold legally.
cbd hemp oil

It is important to
note that even though CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is in fact
the Industrial hemp plant which although of the same genus as cannabis, has
none of the THC which is present in the typical marijuana plant.

Extracted from the
Industrial hemp plant, CBD is perfectly legal as it has none of the psychotropic
effects that THC has – which is what makes THC illegal in most countries.

So for these reasons
stated suffice it to say that CBD oil is indeed different from hemp oil in many

The main thing to look out for if you are about to try CBD oil for yourself, is that you choose a ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD hemp oil such as that offered by CBDPure amongst others.

This is also available as softgels or topicals such as CBD Muscle rub to treat inflammation or muscle pain.

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