Cannabis Calendar: National Expungement Week

Nearly 500,000 people are currently in American jails or prisons for drug offenses, according to criminal justice reform organization Prison Policy Initiative, with police making over 1 million drug arrests each year. Although cannabis is legal in Colorado, volunteers for National Expungement Week, a week-long clinic of record-clearing, believe that the state’s drug policy and legal system’s treatment of past offenders still leaves room for improvement.

“Every person deserves the opportunity to move on once their sentence is complete. Without a path out of the criminal justice system, our society can never fully heal and realize the full potential of our community. Not only does record sealing open up opportunities in housing and employment, it restores dignity to those who deserve it,” explains Abbey Moffitt Hruby, a defense attorney helping former drug offenders clear their records during National Expungement Week.

Moffit Hruby and other local volunteers with Expunge Colorado are…

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