Cannabis Strains That Are Unexpectedly Comparable


Cannabis strains are created up of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) as nicely as terpenes, which are aromatic compounds that give each and every flower its special aroma. We’re continuously understanding a lot more about these terpenes and how they effect the all round knowledge of consuming cannabis.

When picking out a strain, we generally assume of sativas and indicas as becoming polar opposites in impact, but if you appear closely at their chemical composition—again, cannabinoids and terpenes—you’ll notice that numerous indica- and sativa-dominant strains are unexpectedly equivalent, chemically speaking. Let’s get into some of these unanticipated equivalent pairs.

Blue Dream and 9 Pound Hammer

Main terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid content material: Blue Dream (19% THC on typical), 9 Pound Hammer (18% THC on typical)

With a reputation as a daytime strain for novices, it is quite fascinating to see the chemical similarities involving the famed Blue Dream and the potent 9 Pound Hammer, a strain that is a lot more generally selected as a nighttime smoke. Terpene-smart, you will see that they are each dominant in myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, and have a tendency to hold small distinction in THC percentages on typical.

So why do persons perceive these as such diverse strains?

On typical, Blue Dream has a lot more pinene, which some say has alerting qualities (despite the fact that science has however to prove this impact in cannabis). This and a harmony of other minor terpenes and cannabinoids could clarify why Blue Dream feels lighter than 9 Pound Hammer. Also, when consumed in copious amounts, Blue Dream can really feel extremely relaxing and somewhat sedative, narrowing the gap involving these two strains additional.

Cinex and Purple Hindu Kush

Main terpenes: Limonene, caryophyllene, pinene

Cannabinoid content material: Cinex (16% THC on typical), Purple Hindu Kush (20% THC on typical)

This 1 is the most fascinating of the bunch there’s really nothing at all sedative, sleepy, or any other words you’d use to describe “purple weed” like Purple Hindu Kush about Cinex. But right here they are with primarily the very same terpene profile. Each strains come packed with THC and are dominant in limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene terpenes. Nevertheless, most persons swear they really feel so diverse.

A cross involving Cindy 99 and Vortex, Cinex is identified to be an uplifting strain with energetic qualities that send the brain into a potent inventive zone, as nicely as enable you wash your stresses down the drain. I’ve consumed it various occasions and it in no way puts me to sleep or even in a “down” form of power.

A mixture of two powerhouses, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Hindu Kush supplies a heavily relaxing knowledge, which is why some shoppers with chronic discomfort attain for this strain. This is 1 of these potent strains that’ll place most persons on their ass for hours.

These two strains are one more excellent instance of how cannabinoids combine with terpenes to generate effects. Cinex and Purple Hindu Kush are extremely equivalent terpene-smart, but perhaps PHK’s tendency to generate greater levels of THC on typical assists clarify why this strain delivers a sock-it-to-me form of higher.

Chernobyl and Golden Lemon

Main terpenes: Terpinolene, myrcene, caryophyllene

Cannabinoid content material: Chernobyl (18% THC on typical), Golden Lemon (23% THC on typical)

Chernobyl is a citrus-flavored cross of Trainwreck, Jack The Ripper, and Trinity. With its extended-lasting cerebral higher and mood-lifting qualities, numerous associate Chernobyl with daytime activities. So it is mildly surprising to see that its terpene profile is extremely equivalent to Golden Lemon, an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk that numerous seek for its relaxing qualities.

Even though generally differing in perceived effects, the frequent terpene profile produces pungent citrus flavors in each strains. This is a excellent instance of how cannabinoids play an equal part in the entourage impact of cannabinoids and terps that our physique feels. Positive, these strains may possibly smell and taste similar—but the greater-on-typical THC levels in Golden Lemon may possibly enable push its potency towards a lot more sedative relaxation.


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