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Even though not necessarily the most prolific manufacturer in the enterprise, Uwell unquestionably tends to make its hits count. Judging by the optimistic reception of the Uwell Crown, its complicated to say that they do not know their stuff when it comes to something vape. Following hot on the heels of the brightly burning pod-style kit craze is the Uwell Caliburn. An 11-watt pod method that appears to share a lot in commonalities with other pod vapes with a couple of refinements and additions threw right here and there.

Editors Note: For these who are seeking for the easiest and most effective way to make the switch, we recommend checking out the Jücee Slice, a pod-primarily based vaping method that gives a hassle-cost-free strategy to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Uwell Caliburn front display

Manufacturing Top quality

When taking into consideration 1st impressions, you will be tough-pressed to locate any variations when comparing the Uwell Caliburn to other devices in its category.  It shares the identical top quality aluminum chassis that the Juul utilizes though also matching its all round dimensions which is a big mark in its favor taking into consideration how impressively compact the Juul was.

Even though the Uwell Caliburn may well share a lot of similarities with the Juul in terms of aesthetics, there are definite and notable variations involving the two which make the Uwell Caliburn ahead of its competitors.

The 1st function that sets the Uwell Caliburn apart is its use of a dual firing mechanism. Even though not distinctive or one particular-of-a-type in the vaping sector, it is nevertheless a definite rarity.

Getting the luxury of firing the device up by means of the draw activated firing sensor or the physical firing button positioned on the side of the device is effectively appreciated in this case. The firing button feels sturdy adequate and does not show any symptoms of the annoying wobble that normally accompanies reduced top quality buttons. Uwell Caliburn available colors

The mouthpiece which quickly comes apart from the base of the device thanks to a magnetic assembly gives a comfy mouthfeel thanks its ergonomic shape. In addition, it also does a excellent job of insulating heat away from your lips.

A further notable benefit that the Uwell Caliburn holds more than its major competitor, the Juul is its usage of a non-proprietary micro USB charging port which offers you a  excellent quantity of flexibility when it comes to charging your device.

Uwell Caliburn mouth piece

Flavor Top quality

Offered that the Uwell Caliburn is the company’s 1st foray into the globe of pod-style vaping, it manages to pull off some surprising metrics exactly where flavor and vapor production is a concern. Uwell’s personal Pro-FOCS coils make their debut right here.

Rated with a resistance of 1.four-ohms, the integrated coils appear to be geared towards MTL (mouth-to-lung) customers. Initial impressions reveal that the dual side mounted airflow slots really feel restrictive adequate to present a genuine MTL practical experience that most newly transitioned vapers will really feel familiar with.

As for the actual flavor and vapor top quality, the Uwell Caliburn does a excellent job of matching the overall performance of the Juul even though we have noticed that the Uwell Caliburn does have a slight lead when it comes to the actual volume of vapor created per puff. In addition, the Uwell Caliburn, like the Jücee Slice, also utilizes refillable pods which may well sound like an unfamiliar idea for lengthy time customers of the Juul which necessitates the buy of pre-filled pods, escalating the all round expense of use more than time.

Even though the Uwell Caliburn, on the other hand, can be utilised with practically any sort of e-liquid, we strongly propose nicotine salt e-liquid as the low wattage of the Uwell Caliburn tends to fall brief when working with frequent freebase nicotine options. All in all, we’re quite content with the flavors that we have been capable to get out of the Uwell Caliburn.

Uwell Caliburn power controlEnergy Flexibility

Like the Bo One particular, Its slim pickings exactly where possibilities are concerned when vaping with the Uwell Caliburn (the identical goes for quite a lot all pod-style device anyway). Variable wattage and temperature handle go straight out of the window, as an alternative, leaving you with a fixed wattage cap of 11 watts.

The Uwell Caliburn only supports one particular sort of coil at the moment but it would be good to see far more possibilities down the line such as a reduced-resistance coil sort or possibly even a various material coil sort such as ceramic.

Uwell Caliburn mouth piece detached

Uwell Caliburn heating coilsEase of Use

Most pod-style rely on related mechanisms to exactly where filling the pod is concerned but the Uwell Caliburn tends to make a smaller but effectively-appreciated refinement to the approach resulting in a lot far more user-friendly practical experience. To be distinct, the Uwell Caliburn functions a major-fill method wherein the drip tip also acts as the port cover for the pod.

What this signifies, in the lengthy run, is that you no longer have to take away the pod from the base kit to execute a refill (which most other devices demand thanks to the fill port becoming positioned at the bottom). This also tends to make every and every single one particular of the Uwell Caliburn’s pods a lot much less prone to leaking.

The Uwell Caliburn also shines thanks to its implementation of each a physical button and a draw activated firing sensor to activate the device, providing you far more possibilities exactly where controlling the way you vape is concerned.

Uwell Caliburn with armor case


With the dimensions of the Uwell Caliburn measuring out to 110mm by 21.2mm by 11.6mm, it is quickly one particular of the most compact devices in the market place regardless of category or energy bracket. What tends to make this even far more impressive is that reality that the Uwell Caliburn rocks an internal battery rated at 520mAh, practically twice the rating of the Pax Juul.

The 2ml e-liquid capacity of the pods may well not look a lot when matched up against the capacities of larger and far more effective mods but for a low output device, 2ml is far more than adequate to get even the most frequent by means of an whole day.

Uwell Caliburn flat display

Uwell Caliburn full kit

All round Practical experience

It is no secret that the Uwell Caliburn does not break any boundaries in the design and style division thanks to its aesthetics becoming straight inspired by the Pax Juul down to its pretty bones.  What tends to make it shine on the other hand is a brief but effectively believed out list of improvements that make it superior to virtually every single other pod-style device in its size category.

Even though the internal battery is not necessarily ground-breaking, it manages to eke out a respectable quantity of vaping energy for one particular day. All in all, its strong and dependable overall performance make it a fantastic solution for any prospective or veteran vaper seeking for a compact however effectively-performing small kit.

If you are seeking for what we feel is the greatest open pod vape than verify out the Jucee Slice. Or if mods are your point be positive to verify out the Smok X-Priv.


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