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Plain Jane Review


CBD Oil Review rates The Plain Jane Brand with two stars because it qualifies for the Quality & Mission Badges.

Plain Jane: 60-Second Summary

The approach of this CBD vendor is obvious — keep it simple. Plain Jane does just that by sticking to basic ingredients and a focused product line. Their bread and butter is CBD joints and cigarettes, but they take them a step further by offering both whole blends and material that has been stripped of terpenes, effectively removing that quintessential cannabis scent. They’re using quality hemp grown in southern Oregon and testing their isolate for purity, pesticides, and solvents. Overall, we like the Plain Jane line, but the company falls short of flying colors with our rating system.


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Plain Jane Brand Review

Plain Jane started out with a simple goal — to provide a safe, healthy alternative to cigarettes without the ‘high’ of THC-laden cannabis. They also wanted their customers to be able to remain discreet, so they developed CBD joints and ‘cigarettes’ that are void of terpenes. No recreational cannabis smell for those who don’t want it.

Cigarette is kind of a misnomer here, since the Plain Jane pre-rolls contain no fillers whatsoever, just good old-fashioned hemp with zero THC. A couple published studies have actually shown that CBD can help smokers quit, though Plain Jane makes no reference to these studies, nor do they market their products as effective “stop-smoking aids.” Still, the connection is important and points to yet another natural benefit of premium cannabidiol.

The Plain Jane product line isn’t like most that we see with CBD vendors, mainly because the focus is the hemp flowers themselves, not formulated concoctions with other ingredients. We think it’s cool that they pretty much stick to one thing, and historically, brands that do this tend to be more reputable with higher quality products.

Their affordably priced CBD products include:

  • CBD flower pre-rolled joints (each with up to 16% CBD)
  • 1000 mg CBD oil (isolate + MCT oil)
  • CBD hemp flower available in three strains
  • Full flavor hemp rolls with terpenes
  • Full flavor and odorless trim or shake for at-home rolling
  • CBD vape cartridge
  • Hemp rolls in cigarette rice paper
  • Pure CBD isolate

While we know Plain Jane sources quality hemp, we are unaware of their extraction method. Since we were able to view a CoA of their CBD isolate which shows a passing grade for residual solvents, we are willing to award the Quality Badge in this case.

The Safety Badge is another story. Plain Jane has third-party purity results and contaminants tests for pesticides and solvents for their CBD isolate, but no contaminants tests are available for the hemp flower they sell. They’re very close, but we need to see that all products are free of contaminants, including heavy metals which the company currently doesn’t test for.

Bottom Line – Plain Jane is a great option for CBD joints, ‘cigarettes’, and hemp flower, and their line has the simplicity by way of ingredients that we look for in a high-end CBD vendor. Updates to their testing protocols and a little charity involvement will put them in a higher category with us

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Badges For Plain Jane

Plain Jane ReviewQuality Verified

Plain Jane sources pesticide-free hemp from family farms in southern Oregon and uses all-natural ingredients in their CBD product line.

Plain Jane ReviewMission Verified

Plain Jane is focused on making the smoothest, cleanest, most odorless cannabis products on the market with zero THC.



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Plain Jane

Plain Jane Review


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